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About our private lessons with adults

My body now works like a team

"I had the pleasure of a Feldenkrais session with Ed a few weeks ago. Just one session. And I'm still thinking about it. I'm still incorporating what I learnedófocusing  on how my whole body works together to create one simple motion (like turning my head). Ed's touch is super light and precise. I felt the difference right away!" L, a boat captain and engineer in her 40s

"Before the workshop, I was stressed and exhausted. Afterward, I felt more grounded. I felt balanced. My jaw was softer and wasn't clicking as usual. I was more relaxed than I'd been in weeks." T, coach and therapist in her 60s

"Ireneís ATM classes have helped me to ward off injury by learning to move my body with more grace and less effort.  I'm more limber. I no longer suffer from lower back pain when I'm on my feet all day or when I skate. W, manager in her 40s

Getting better at what I love to do

"I skied all morning and noticed my quads were burning like crazy in the early afternoon. I started trying to incorporate the movements Irene showed me last week. It totally helped! I got in a lot more runs and felt good about them. I'm so grateful!" K, a lifecoach and mother in her 30s

"I'm a former dancer and had lost proper use of my legs. Two years ago, I had trouble walking. Now Iím ballroom dancing. Irene's Feldenkrais lessons have been invaluable. From the very first lesson Iíve felt a dramatic improvement. I hadnít realized how restricted my chest and pelvis had become. Or that I wouldnít always have to use my hands to lift my legs when getting into my car. Or use a handrail to drag myself up stairs. At the end of an evening of dancing, I realized Iíd forgotten to use my knee brace and my knee didnít hurt. I'm 70, and I had no idea that a body as old as mine could respond and recover so quickly. The gentle, subtle movements of Feldenkrais that Irene taught me are now part of my ongoing wellness program." L, a retired massage therapist, dancer, and mountaineer in her 70s 

"I had a Feldenkrais session with Ed one morning and went ballroom dancing that night. I love to dance but can't usually dance for more than a few hours. That night I danced from 7:30 to 11:15. - the last dance. It was easier to move, it took less effort. This hasnít happened before. The next day, instead of feeling exhausted, I felt fine. I had good energy. Coincidence? I think not." D, a physician in his 60s

Coping with chronic illness, injury, or stress

"In one session, Irene helped me regain some of the range of motion I had long ago lost to rheumatoid arthritis." L, a writer in her 50s

"After a year of physical therapy, I still couldn't turn my head comfortably. After today's class, I can!" D, a construction worker in his 40s

"I came in taut as a bowstring. Thank you for being that island of peace and sanity in the sea of overwhelm." J, a public speaker in her 50s

Improve balance

"I LOVE the discovery of pushing myself up stairs with my back leg rather than pulling with the front. Marvellous! My injured rotator cuff continues to bother me less. What a wonderful four weeks. My happy flowing spine thanks you." B, a retired teacher in her 60s

Feel younger

"My neighbor wondered who that young person was she saw walking in my yard last night. It was me! It's like magic." E, an artist in her 70s

"Feldenkrais works! After four classes, grew taller. From one doctorís appointment to the next, I recovered about three-quarters of an inch I had lost in height." A, writer in her 70s

Be more comfortable at work

"I stand in front of my class differently. I'm aware of softening my chest and using my arms with greater rotation - just like you showed me to.  I breath differently using my upper chest more to breathe in and my core stomach muscles to breath out. I have much less stress, and I'm not so tired at the end of the day." A, art teacher in her 50s

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